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Grassroots Transnational Networks Fortifying Salvadoran Rural Communities

El Salvador Migrations Project

Transnational political and economic forces have depleted rural Salvadoran communities, driving Salvadorans to flee and seek refuge and economic opportunities. Then they often also face repression and exploitation beyond their national borders. In the US, we hear about the plight of Salvadoran refugees, but the voices and aspirations of rural communities left in El Salvador are seldom heard. This project will be developing a different kind of transnational network, which begins with the stories and visions of rural Salvadoran communities and seeks to support several of the grassroots praxis and research objectives of rural communities and organizations in El Salvador that face historical and current dispossession from their lands and livelihoods.


Listen to the voices of Central American immigrants and migrants, their stories, perspectives, and visions for a more just immigration system and world. Every other Wednesday at 2pm on WRFI (88.1 FM Ithaca, 91.9 FM Watkins Glen). 

Missed us on the air? Every episode of the show will be uploaded to our podcast feed in English and Spanish. 

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Get Involved

US-El Salvador Sister Cities is holding an online event on April 22, 2022, at 12 PM EST to help the community learn about challenges faced by the youth in rural Salvadoran communities. 


The project involves crop production workshops as a method that helps create the right to stay. Offered from March to June '22, the workshops will include the theory and practice of cacao, coconut, cashew nut trees, plant disease and organic nutrition for plants and cattle, and compost creation.

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